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"How's that for being born under a bad sign?"
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Date:2004-09-15 22:24
Subject:extreme change
Mood: shocked

amanda thinks i look like a mermaid. lol

she dyed my hair today. :) yeah, i wanted something drastic but i don't think i was ready for this dark of an auburn/red.

i'll see what happens tmw morning when i actually style it. if i don't like it, then i'm changing it tmw to honey brown. < thats what amanda thinks. :) lighter is good.

im really glad amanda said she liked it tho cause i was freaked out when i first saw it. She was so positive saying she liked it and she definitely wouldnt lie about that. so thanks for being positive and doing it for me! :)

then her and lindsey visited me at work tonight :) thank youuu!

2 more days till the weekend. yay.

this school week has gone by really fast. mock elections were today and were soo hard choosing who fit what.

i think i have to go shopping for a plaid skirt tmw for friday night? lol whenever i saw those earlier in the summer i wanted to puke cause we wear plaid pleaded skirts everyday so seeing that people wanted to go around wearing the exact same thing in public was just funny. but yeah, i guess im gonna be like that then. lol it's a friday night and im getting closer to school uniform. ah.

have a good nrest of the week since i probably wont be updating soon...

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Date:2004-09-13 21:26
Subject:"glad to hear i don't have to pick anyone up from jail" - matt
Mood: tired

eventful weekend. quickly, and not into detail:

friday night: caylee's for awhile, outside hiding by my car for an hour because of the cops, back to caylee's thru the backyard, ram's horn (snuck out thru caylee's back again...damn cops in the front...), slept at chris'

saturday: left chris' at 5am, left for state at 7, fball game at noon, home around 8pm

sunday: work

today: school, nap, just got home from visiting amanda at work

ah, can you tell i'm tired? ...

state friday night. it's whats keeping me going this week.

have a good week...

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Date:2004-09-06 17:42
Subject:a billion thoughts flying
Mood:la la la

Saturday night was...eventful. Some had more than me...and felt much worse than me. :/ Amanda's okay. :) I just kind of wanted to sleep in my own bed and was "kind of upset" with Amanda. :/ So Mike came and drove me and Caylee home around 5am and i slept in my own bed. :) There was a lot of stuff that went on that night but it will take me too long to tell all. (I am still pissed about my drinks tho. lol If you're gonna make a run to get some, is it that hard to get what everyone wants...? :P It's okay though cause the girls' stuff got the job done.) blowdrying a cigarette...lol niice

Last night I hung out with Ben. Then I called Amanda and went over to this kid's house that they were at. We talked before going in and yay, everything is good. :) lyl

I just got home from the Alibi...visited Amanda & Caylee. :) Fun job I tell ya.

Seinfeld marathon is on today. :) It makes me happy.

I'm sorry... :'(

I have tests tmw that I should probably study for. :( Blah.

I'll call Matt this week to give him a heads up for this weekend...Friday? O:-)

Real World: Philly starts tmw night. :) And only four more school days till the weekend!

MSU...are you effin kidding me? Blah, just shape up you bums.

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Date:2004-09-04 16:21
Subject:Yay for the Internet
Mood: disappointed

Since it's been a while, i'll fill ya in. :)

thursday i picked up amanada, we went to starbucks, then to Ben's hockey game. if they would win the first game, they would play again that night for the championship...but unfortunately, they lost the first game. :/ So we all just hung out in the parking lot for like 45 minutes...? talked. then we went to tgifriday's. got home around 11:15 and went to beddd. (that's not normal). amanda called around midnight. :/ I'm sorrrryy! He's such a dick and yeah, he only cares about what people think of him...which is so sad and the worst thing. You're trying to look cool, but you're actually making yourself look like shit. Good job.

Friday I worked 9-4. Got a call from my sister saying the internet wasnt working and they didnt know what to do. I got home, called, and a tech person came today. It worked while they were here, they left and it didnt work! So i worked on it for awhile and I got it working!! :)

Last night was funnnnn. I went to Ange's and me, ange, and katie drove to big boy's to meet up with jess, amanda, her bf, ben, scott, and these two others guys. We had desert and it was veryyy good. lol Then we went back to Ange's and chilled there for a few hours. It was a really fun night!

Jess: do you smell like...food?
Me: No, I smell like Miracle.
Jess: HAHA No, i mean do you smell...like food?
Me: I smell like food!?!?!
Jess: no! I smell meatballs!
Me: hmm, maybe cause to your right, Ben is eating spaghetti...
haha I'm either the blonde...or she's either the blonde. :P

MSU is playing right now but it's ticking me off so w/e. AH!

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Date:2004-09-01 13:18

The funeral was today. My mom talked to Leah's mom and here it is:

The man (driver) was arraigned today for second degree murder...so he did live. There were traces of alcohol and cocaine in his system. There was also alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana found in the man's truck. He ran three reds...not two. :/ Wow.

They announced it over the PA system this morning too for prayer. That was good.


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Date:2004-08-31 20:36
Subject:If I just breathe...
Mood:let's try 20 diff. emotions...

It's been a really long time.

This weekend was an emotional rollercoaster. So many things happened.

Thursday my dad came home and was shaken up saying at 18 and John R there was an accidnet. He drove past it and it was fine. Then 10 minutes later when he was driving home, there were ambulances, police, everything. It was a really bad day for him saying he only missed it by a few minutes. It was on the news and the intersection was just destroyed. :/ The victims weren't being identified but the driver was going 80 mph, ran two reds, and was weaving in and out of traffic. At 18 and John R, he red the red going 80 and hit an SUV turning left. I drove by it yesterday and the grass at CVS is still in a mess. It was so sad to see.

Saturday night at 11:30 the house phone rings and my parents were sleeping so I had to run and get it, hoping they wouldn't hear it. It was Steve, and I just heard Leah balling in the background. I knew it wasn't going to be good. Steve asked me if I remember the Thursday accident. He then said that the driver in the SUV was Mrs. White and seh passed away that night (saturday). Mrs. White was my family doctor's wife, church friends, went to GA and Foley together, Jackie White and my sister used to work together, etc. We were just family friends and I couldn't believe it. And for those of you that go to Foley, it's Kathy White's (class of 2003) mom. :/

Steve told me not to tell my parents yet since they were sleeping and if they knew, they wouldn't be able to sleep. But when I got off the phone and tears starting coming, my mom was standing right there. I had no choice. Me and my parents stayed up for hours. There was nothing else we could do. It's unbelievable and so unfortunate. I'm so sorry Kathy.

Funeral Mass is tomorrow at 10am @ Guardian Angels. I have school so my family is going without me. :/

Friday night was just emotional for no reason. :/ Blah.

Sunday it hit me that Steve really had moved out Saturday and it got to me in a bad way. My sister was in Boston w/ her boyfriend so I was the only one here which hasnt happened in years and I hated it. I needed someoneeee. I cried once when my sister left the first time for Western...and that was it. But with Steve, I cry everytime! All the emotions from the weekend too just added to that confusion and I just let it out. Felt good.

School's been okay. I leave all ticked off, then I get there and I'm happy. I come home and I'm all ticked off again. lol Normally it's the other way around...but I'm just happy I get to see all my friends so I <3 that part.

haha Marketing is hilarious. Today people just pulled out their cells and called people...Belf is awesome. And we talked about Domino's marketing schemes and stuff so we told Belf we should just get all these pizzas from different places and try em out. haha So sure enough, Thursday we are getting like 5 pizzas and are just gonna eat em. lmao. how awesome.

Why the hell did Joe get kicked out? Just cause of that...? School shouldn't get involved with that. :/ ahhh, Foley is gayyyy.

It's been a long one. :/ oops. have a good rest of your week!

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Date:2004-08-26 21:47
Subject:for my beebs
Mood: amused @ beebs' entry

I love seeing Bieber flip out about thongs. haha it's the funniest thing. (and i mean this in a good way beebs! ;) ) I've never known anyone who dislikes them as much as her. When I would try to explain they are used so you don't lines in the back, she turned around and would make me look at her ass and sure enough, she never did have any lines from not wearing a thong. lol :P

But your last entry was hilarious. and yes, it does tick me off when foley girls where their skirts...with just thongs underneath. GROSS! is there a point to it...?

this entry was dedicated to bieber. ;)

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Date:2004-08-26 16:27
Subject:many points

I'm so glad I have Marketing with Amanda. We need at least ONE class together. :) Yay.

Did you know that the mom in Meet the Parents is Gwyneth Paltrow's mom? Am i an idiot or did everyone not know that too?

BIEBER-you're little comment. lol easy schedule huh huh?

So like Alicia says, $7500 a year and we get no air conditioning at Foley. Could it be any hotter?

I talked to Joe today in Marriage about the Catholic Church and whatnot. Everyone hates our Marriage book because of how it is worded and how it tells us everything we have to do and believe...which bothers us. I'm sorry but I am getting in that mode where I'm realizing all of these Catholic Church laws that I never knew existed. It just seems like too much and I'm just really not sure about things anymore. There were all these questions about "fulfillment" and Joe said he doesn't need anything. He feels his life is fulfilled. I tried to explain that he still wants to be so much more so how can his life exactly be fulfilled? He explained and he is just so unbelievably happy with his life it's awesome.

The worksheet in Marriage was just so annoying to me. I just don't knowwww.

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Date:2004-08-24 18:43
Mood: relieved

Today sucked. Pre-Calc brings my whole day down. It's 1st hr so I walk out of that feeling like shiiit. So I came home and me & steve talked my dad into letting me drop it.

My mom has been totally against it and then she's like who do u have for it again? I said Shoen... and she goes "oh..." and i'm like UM YEAH! and now she's letting me drop it. :P

I have a feeling we're gonna have a pop quiz in it tmw tho. I should be like ummm, actuallllyyyy, i dont have to take thisss. :X I just want out!

There isn't a first hour class though that I want. They are all marriage classes...and a lot of people just have priv. So what does that mean? I think i'll just take another priv. Which means I'd have 1st and 7th hr priv. lol Come in around 8:53...leave at 1:55. 5 hours of school sounds greattttt. ;)

Now I just have to go to my counselor tmw and talk her into letting me drop it. She's gonna blab about how it won't look good, but yeah, my GPA dropping won't look good either.

You know how on applications they have your senior schedule...same with the transcripts...? Well since they already sent my transcripts to State, State would think I'm still taking Pre-Calc...right? It's just a coincidence! :X ...that's badddd. oops. They never have to know about 2 privs.

Marketing is so awesome. :) Amanda is in it now too!!! Yeahhh. 11 boys and 4 girls. lol and it's Belf...today the guys in the class had a competetion of how many paper balls they could throw in the waste basket...and Belf just talked about his boat. :P I <3 it.

The new Real World (Philadelphia) starts 2 weeks from today. :)

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Date:2004-08-23 15:30
Subject:senior year. ah.
Mood: satisfied

First day of school! yeah, add that exclamation mark. It was really good actually. The first 20 minutes just sucked cause we were actually there...but it was fine.

I <3 my schedule...minus 1st hr pre-calc w/ shoenherr. i have a really awesome class though so that'll be cool.

We missed 2nd and 3rd hr cause of our senior class meetinsg but ughhh, those are my two favorite classes. I got Belf & Valinski. excited for those classes.

me anne and sam are the only seniors in world lit. hahaha the juniors were down in their meetings so we were the only ones in ripley's room. she started handing me and anne summer reading papers and stuff and we were like uhhh, since they changed everything, we were told we didnt have to do any summer reading or tests and stuff. and she was like "oh, yeah you're right. just forget it. i'm so confused on what to do." so woohoo. thts homework, a test, and a paper that we dont have to do. :) yeah, we're just the so cool seniors in there. we get it easy.

french was as if we enevr had summer break. we all walked in and sat in our same seats. lol 4 years in the same classroom. i <3 it. french 3 had like 20 people...now french 4 has 10. thanks for dropping out peopleee. but me and bieber already wanted to be shot in that class. i'm sorry but there's just a few annoyances that we've had to stand for wayyy too long. :X ronney said we wont start learning stuff till next week. :D

6th hr marriage. :) I am soo excited for this class. I'm glad it's considered our religion class. We're gonna be learning about commitments, relationships (compromise, freindship, etc), communication, vocations, the single life, the effect of substance abuse in a relationship, & financial responsibility in a relationship. mulawka said she's also gonna teach us how to make our parents not mad at us for our actions..or something along those lines. it just sounded really good. lol (we get to plan our own wedding too! :P ) i just think it'll be interesting. and that commitment stuff...me. ha!

7th hr priv. :) i just went and talked to belf for a bit. went to the guidance office and they're sending my transcripts. yayy. then i left b4 everyoneee else. :P

i'm excited for this year...first fball game saturday!

(and the asshole driving has begun! :P i was good today though! no cutting people off, or riding their asses...amanda on the otherhand....lol :) i win. :P )

how sad is it that this whole entry was about school. :X lol by next week i'll prolly be pissed and stay home for a week.

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Date:2004-08-22 18:30
Subject:morals people

so last night was hmmm...interesting. I had so much fun with Amanda and Lindsey but they just bombarded me with way too much info in so short of a time. I was the mom and lectured the entire time. Talked about my morals and made it the word of the night making sure they both understood you need MORALS. lol

i taught the girls what to say next time. thankyouverymuch.

i didnt get as harsh with lindsey's actions this summer as i did with amanda's actions because why? "it was expected of lindsey." lol

and you guys thinking i would be the first one out of us? HA! neva! :P

so that bet from freshman year...or sophomore year...yeah, i lost. i am 0-1 so no more bets for me. you never know what can happen with these 2 girls.

tsk tsk tsk!

*boy meets world* marathon is on right now!! 6 hours, 12 episodes. the seasons are starting to come out on dvd. :) I <3 this show!

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Date:2004-08-18 14:28
Mood: amused

Canada yesterday! me, amanda, caylee, and leighann. :) I only got my cartilage pierced but others got much cooler things. :P ...the whole point of going to Canada!

i have to hide the piercing from my parents...i wonder how long it'll take for them to see it. :X oops. and everyone else has to hide their little things too. hehe

lady: how are you?
amanda: 17
lady: um no...how old are you?
amanda: 18
lady: there we go.
:P haha so cute.

border: why do you have to come all the way to canada to do that?
leighann: cause my mom is gay.
border: ::pause:: uhhh...so since you're mom is..."gay"...you need to come to...ah FUCK!
amanda: don't lose my identity!!

haha aww good times. :)


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Date:2004-08-17 00:31
Subject:i make myself look like such a bitch :P

Today rocked.

Tanned. (bought a month today.)

went and bought jeans @ hollister that will be returned tmw. the lines there lately have been ridiculous so i bought a size and tried em on at home. predicting they wouldnt fit. no big deal.

then i worked w/ lauren.

:) this week I feel will be good so have a good one!

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Date:2004-08-14 17:11
Mood:i'm better

so my friday the 13th SUCKED. normally they are so good too.

2 hours of sleep thursday night cause i had those chills when you're really hot so anything you wear, or don't, gives you complete hell. got up at 6 and layed on the couch till 9:30. had 101.4 temperature, no appetite, chills, quiziness, everything. i slept in bed for an hour. i got up and fainted in the hallway. my sister got me up and i was as white as a ghost...my lips...it scared the hell out of me. had a bottle of water and got my color back and felt a little better. called anthony and he worked for me. found out it was one of those 24 hour stomach flus. but wow, it completely SUCKED all day. ugh.

my mom woke me up today and said michele called and said i didnt have to come in today if i wasnt feeling okay. so i didnt't go in today either. don't know who covered my shift but sorry anthony if she called youuuu. :/

yesterday was supposed to be jennifer and james wedding...yep, friday the 13th. james was killed last june in a car accident in california tho...so I thought about jenn like mad yesterday. janice (her mom...i work with her too) took her up north for the past 2 days. good. then jenn moves to chicago for a teaching job tmw. that's one of the billion of my co-workers that i lose.

we got TiVo yesterdayyyyyy. Steve bought it for their apartment and my dad was like fine, i'll get it too. :P

but lemme tell ya, that little tivo thing is very cool. i was watching full house last night and needed to get up for something, so i paused it. lol and then i came back, pressed play, and didn't miss any of it! i got to fast forward thru the commercials too :P

the main way we convinced my dad to get it was "think about fball season!" he always tapes ours games w/ the vcr while we're at them (so he can rewatch them sunday morninf and analyze it casue he's crazy like that...) but nowww, he can record it with TiVo! or if there was a sweet play (or crappy call), he can go back and rewind and watchthat play over and over...in slow motion too. lol i don't know, im just very obsessed with the pausing thing right now.

...or when they show hot guys, u can just pause and look...

and w/ the olmpics, our swimmer..michael phelps is beautifullllll. i guess he's on the cover of all these magazines but since i still can't drive, i can't go buy the issue where he's practically naked...blah.

detroit lions play tonight. :)

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Date:2004-08-12 22:33

...basically sums up how I'm feeling lately.

I dunno. I have so many feelings right now.

Sad cause EVERYONE is leaving for college. no joke...about 9 or 10 people that I see and talk to soo much. Blah.

Then I'm excited cause I'm a senior. woohoo! Just thinking about how fast this year will hopefully go.

Then I'm thinking about football season and ahhhhhhhhh, everything that comes along with the saturdays spent up at state. unbelievably fun!

went shopping today w/ my mom and sister for my mom's bday and i just happened to go in the dress section. kay, so aside from being ugly dresses this year, i found...one. it's not original enough tho. for homecoming i don't wantg the tradiotional long dress and that kind of stuff. everyone has long dresses...and the same style every year. it's gay. i want something original. not the boring long ones. oh well.

tomorrow i get to go to best buy w/ steve for his apartment!! he gets to buy himself a flat screen tv, tivo, cable modem, (router), dvd player. hehe i <3 helping him spend his money.

then bob came over tonight and he just stopped at best buy and randomly bought himself a laptop. i said im gonna buy myself one by xmas. he went on about how there is no interest for 2 years so for 2 years, he only has to make $10 payments a month. how sweet is that!? so i asked him if he'd buy me one since hmm, he owes me a few thousand dollars. he said he'd do it this week if i narrowed down his debt to me. i said yessss and my dad said "um...no." GR! so now i'm back to my little laptop account which now has $35 in it. haha sweeet. 5 more months and i shall have my own!

la la la...

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Date:2004-08-11 12:17
Mood:im alright

It's been a week. Sweet.

ang's bonfire was good.

concert obviously was good.

weekend sucked cause i had to work 4 days in a row unexpectedly...

worked one night at our dodge park store. it was simple.

last night was jenn's surprise going away party. we had trouble getting her there so my manager yelled at her to get "her ass over here to drop of dodge park's keys." "FINE!" ... yeah, so jenn was all pissed as she was driving over. she just went running...had sweats on...glasses...hilarious. She cried when she saw us all. I teared up seeing her cry. Lauren picked me up since she wasn't gonna go to thiis thing if i wasn't. Then it came down to I'm not gonna be there first or alone if you aren't. So yeah, my mom drove aloine as Lauren came and picked me up. lol You're such a loser. We stayed for 3 hours. Then she drove me home and my madre stayed. the best part was the food and listening to all the gossip which i don't get involved with. my manager wanted me to "spill" but riiight, I'm not two-faced so sorry, I'm not gonna tell and talk shit about dodge park...especially when no one is there to defend themself.

I'm cashing my second check in a row today. That's hmm, like $500 that hasn't been put in the bank. Sweet. :( I hate that but seriously, I have to go shopping. I haven't saved a penny this summer. I've actually lost a few hundred. But now I'm starting a whole new account just for a laptop. So now I have two things that I have to put money into. I hope to have a laptop by Christmas. eek, $1200 extra moolah in 5 months...umm...riight amy.

My mom's bday is tmw so I have to go shopping now and buy her this corduroy jean jacket. It's veryyy cute. :)


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Date:2004-08-07 00:54
Subject:your body is a wonderland
Mood: satisfied

:) MAROON 5 KICKS ASS. i'm in <3

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Date:2004-08-02 23:16
Subject:I'm buying a green schwin

So the past few days and nights I've been hanging out with amanda, leighann, and caylee (and sometimes more). You guys are sooo much fun and I love you muchhh! :)

Today was msu with Amanda. :) Fun road trip. We saw Anne and Megan today up there too. I can't wait for it to be happening a lot more this year. :) Ang, Jenna, Nick, Dave, and Steve. Five people that have invited me to stay. :) It'll definitely be an awesome year. Amanda and the girls will come with me a lot. :)

It was really cool how me and Amanda matched too. lol We're so cool.

I have to start on the personal statement that MSU requires now. Ugh, bite me.

I decided to stay in tonight cause I'm soo tired.

And one last statement that I looove, we made it from msu to sterling hts. in 59 minutes. We wanted to hit 100 so I did a few times. I averaged 90. lol It was really fun...with 486589 close calls. :P We made friends with a cutie in a Jeep as well. What can I say, we were both asshole drivers so he followed me and did my every lane change and cut-off that I did. :P haha it was cool.

love you!

"I'm gonna be a nympho or something." ...waitress walks by. :X haha sooo funny. I have to learn to keep the mouth shut and the volume down.

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Date:2004-07-30 22:29
Subject:These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
Mood: annoyed

Sooo yesterday was a blast.

Went to Leighann's with amanda, caylee, lindsey, lisa, and katy came later. We played Volleyball in her pool which was veryyy fun. :) haha soo funny too. It was 65 degrees but it wsn't that bad. Then it started to get kind of cold outside cause the sun wasn't out but it was 4 very fun hours. :) "soft fingers."

Then I came home, showered and fell asleep till about 7:30. Amanda called me around 9 and her and Leighann came and picked me and then caylee up and we went to starbucks. Leighann paid for mine cause we won in volleyball. :P Then we went to Astro Lanes and their friends' Ryan and Chris came up too. I suck at bowling and do it the wrong way I guess, but whatever. lol

Then we went to the park for awhile. Amanda took me home around 11:45ish and I got some clothes and we went back to the park. Then I spent the night at her house.

It was a great day and thank you guys soooo much! :)

Today I just completely bummed around with my sister.

I bought snl: the best of will ferrell tonight and just watched it with my dad. it's veryyy funny. I also bought 2 pairs of sandals. :) white pair and a pink pair. always exciting. ;)

work 2-6 tmw. blahh, then..?

I love you amanda!! you deserve soo much better and it'll come soon. :)

(I just can't deny it anymore...so confusing.)

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Date:2004-07-26 21:40
Subject:woohoo for everyone!
Mood: calm

Yesterday I saw the churchboy that I tapped after Church a few months ago. (the stalker that called every day.) i was with my mom and she still doesn't know I TAPPED him so i didn't make eye contact. It was weird.

I did nothing yesterday but last night.

Then I did nothing today except work 5-9 with peter and anthony.

Me and Anthony are fighting.

Melissa Elberson (& Braddddd) is pregnant. :)

My brother Bob and Jennie went ring-shopping. (secretly)

Amanda had a great night. :P

There's been lots of good news lately. I love it.

(Is this short enough for you stapler stealer?)

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